Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We LOVE the new concept of “Design in a Box” and we’re here to offer it!

Do you want a designer-styled room but don’t want or need to pay for our full range of design services? We are now offering an alternative solution that allows for a do-it-yourself custom service designed by us – but you do the legwork. We provide a “recipe” for a room and point you in the direction to achieve the look, without one-on-one meetings or assistance with purchasing, installing, and coordination.

By selecting this service, you’ll be able to achieve a cohesive and well-designed room without the agony of deciding what look’s best for your space. I meet so many people that say they wish they had the knack for design like we do…and we understand that our full range of services can be quite costly. Keep in mind that we send you our color, fabric, finish, and/or furniture suggestions based off of your needs
and you do the rest.
Select from one of our customized options shown throughout this newsletter as a starting concept, and we’ll go from there to create your custom look.
Small rooms (100-150sf) - $1500
Medium rooms (150-400sf) - $2500
Large rooms (400sf+) – call for pricing
Note: There are no returns with this service; however, thirty-minute phone consultations may be purchased in thirty-minute increments at $150/hour.
~Images of your current space and other surrounding spaces.
~Any images that you are drawn to that represent a style you want to achieve.
~Measurements of your room (we can walk you through this!).
~Completed questionnaire (asks for your preferred design style, favorite furniture and clothing stores, color palettes, etc.).
By hiring a professional interior designer, you will avoid the back-and-forth of deciding what to do with your space and you can be secure in your decisions – as opposed to choosing mismatched paints, fabrics, furniture, etc. that you might eventually regret and end up
redo-ing with the additional costs. We are hired quite often after this happens! For more information, visit our website or give us a call!