Friday, February 8, 2008

A day in the life of a project

Our clients are a young couple who live in Boulder, Colorado - they've hired us to assist them with all interior finishes, elevations (built-ins, kitchen design), and furniture - this is a remodel of an existing house. They brought us in before demolition or construction began and we've met with the architect several times and have already created a lighting plan and selected light fixtures (we had to do this first, and quickly, in order to get a building permit).

We love being brought in to a project this early (actually, even earlier would have been even better); and we're really excited about it. We've started this blog to document the design process from the start to the finish. We hope to illuminate the many facets of undertaking a project like this. The fun of finish/furniture selection, the problem solving/value engineering that usually goes on, the small triumphs, moments of zen, moments of angst, and moments of boredom that are almost inevitable with any project.

In the coming weeks we will post some photographs of the job site as it is now along with schematic drawings and inspiration images from the client.

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andrea said...

The project has come to a halt, as we've chosen many beautiful things and begun the tedious task of collecting pricing from vendors, all of which came back exorbitantly high. We now will have to value engineer all of our choices to fit within a limited budget. The client hopes to pop the top and scrape and rebuild the interior for $120/square foot, which is nearly impossible.