Thursday, March 20, 2008

Installation Update

No, it's not Anne Rice's apartment.... The attached image is just an updated shot of an install in progress! We believe in delivering an amazing product to our clientele, and truly unique innovative interiors always take a number of steps to deliver - no HGTV "done in a day" for this job. Of course, part of that delivery depends on good project management. The ultimate goal for this wall is for it to be antique mirror with lit wallpaper panels inside. Now, this goal has been a lofty one, and it has taken months to build it out, install lighting, apply paneling and wallpaper and paint at various points! As one can imagine, the number of installers for one wall - such a small piece of a large job - denotes the number of subcontractors needed for custom work. At one point we were juggling 14-17 sub contractors in one week for the entire space. That's when experience and organization come into play, and it's one of the things that client's pay us for - to streamline the process as much as possible.

This wall was shown painted creme in a previous image. Now it's black. Why did we paint it twice? The antique mirror will naturally have seams, and if the base underneath is light, then you will see it in the seams. If it's dark, then the seams will appear to be minimized which is the end goal. The clients were living in the space, and we didn't think they would want to live there for a month with black walls. With the antique mirror at least one month out when they moved in, the decision was made to keep the space as light as possible until the mirror could be applied. Of course, the black actually looks amazing and very dramatic. We all love it - temporarily - but the mirror will lighten and expand the space. So, the creme paint gave the client a closer feeling to the actual look of the finished product. These seem like small decisions, but we find that they directly correlate to the clients' happiness with their home. It's important to make sure that the client is content with a jobsite, especially if there is a lot of construction going on day-to-day. They get to live there, and we want to keep them comfortable.

Next week the antique mirror is being applied!!! We can't wait to reveal the finished product, and we'll be sure to update as soon as we have the images.


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