Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trends in Design for 2010

Furniture Trends: More and more people are coming to us and asking for a truly unique look. They don't want their home to look like they bought everything all at once from one store. We are buying local and going custom more and more. We're seeing people ready to pay for quality and being patient about the time it takes to get quality. Comfort will be huge in 2010.

Color Trends: I think it all started with me wanting to paint my powder room mauve....The next thing I noticed was Andrea pulling more and more purple fabrics. I have to admit, I did roll my eyes at her at first, but I'm all in on the purple now. I think next year we'll continue seeing more color inspiration from the 80's.

Lighting Trends: Staying with the custom trend - we will see more wall sconces. We installed a lot in 2009 and I think that's going to keep happening as people want a higher end look. We would love to see even more advances in lighting technology next year....

Design Trends: We are already seeing this: a return to shopping with designers and trusting them on all of the design decisions down to the smallest detail. More than ever things that used to be "to the trade" are becoming readily accessible to the public - because of this, we've seen people getting floundered by all of the choices available. We predict that we will see a mix of all styles to get that unique and custom look.

The last trend to watch is that we will be updating our blog more frequently.....Happy New Year - see you in 2010!

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