Friday, February 5, 2010

February 14th : The New-Year of Interior Design

FEBRUARY 14TH.. Chinese New Year!

If January's New Year did not inspire you, perhaps February's will! In my opinion, this upcoming celebration holds much more significance than the Western holiday of Valentines Day. The 2010 Chinese New Year symbolizes generosity and wealth earned with hard work; it is a dutiful, family oriented and dependable year. St. Valentines Day represents warmth, love and 'togetherness'.. two birds with one stone?
Lets use the January New Year as a moment to reflect upon ourselves and the Chinese New Year as a moment to reflect upon our homes and our environments! Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing our homes, may provide the perfect link between the Western & Eastern holidays celebrated on February 14th. Here are some suggestions, following the art of Feng Shui, that will enhance the love found in any home:

..De-Clutter! Reorganize your home, your office, your life. This will allow fresh energy and opportunities to flow to you! Donate and giveaway to thrift stores, neighborhood organizations and charities. This act will clear your mind and home of clutter whilst breathing new life into old items.
..The South West corner of your home is considered the "Love Sector." If this area is messy, it may reflect on the 'Love Sector' of your life as well. If this is an unloved or under-utilized space (a closet or bare corner) you may experience an emotional void. Bring life into this corner with fresh flowers, warm sunlight, soft fabrics and a conscience effort to enjoy that space.
..Pairing items represents union and creates balance. The photo above has thoughtfully arranged furniture allowing for easy conversation amongst those you love while using symmetry for a balanced energy in the room.
..Bring Life into your home! Fresh flowers are beautiful, but living plants contribute to homes in many more ways than simply beauty. We tend and care for them as we would anyone else in our family, they return the love by offering clean air and a fresh environment; a perfect union.

On a different note, Valentines Day does not have to be red hearts and mass-produced greeting cards; I see it as the first hint of Spring! Romance can be added without overdosing on red, try spring colors such as orange, yellow, and purple. The Global Views Showroom sums this up perfectly! They play with texture, pattern, and of course color to create a refreshing alternative to a 'romantic-red' dining room.

Above is a more sensual approach. The contrast of Dark and Light furnishings create harmony while the pops of vibrant pink add a flirty tone!
We hope the Chinese New Year and St. Valentines Day encourages you to live well, be well, work well and love well. This is a time to embrace change and encourage growth; to love those you are with and be in love with what is around you!

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